Posted by tim in Confused on August 11, 2007

So I just woke up from this really vivid dream that I couldn't get back to sleep to finish...

The dream started out in this really vast, open stretch of road. The road was wide, and surrounded by trees at each side. About a mile apart, there were overpasses, or other bridges. A group of people congregated at the one bridge, but down the road, through the valley and back up, there were just a handful of people.

At the first bridge, 20 people or so had gathered with high-end racing go karts. A few of the people I had recognized, but most of them were just strangers to me.

The race started, and we all went down the road, to the other bridge, made a wide left turn, then back up to the starting point. We made laps like this, and it was fun. I don't remember the race ending, but it did at one point, and I moved on to the next part of the dream.

In the next part of the dream, a few close friends and one stranger joined me kayaking. We went on this strange man-made river. The river was like an elevated road bed that had been carved out for the flow of water through the mountains. At one point on the river, there was a large campground to the left, then a small town a little ways downstream on the right.

I love kayaking, and I love whitewater rafting, so this dream just was amazing.

We put in the water. My one friend was freaking out because he doesn't like boats or kayaks, but he agreed to go anyhow. We started out and met a small rapid on the river. The stranger went first right through the torrent, but I went to the left. When I did, this other man yelled and screamed at me because he said it was too dangerous. I made it through, but fell out of my boat when I hit the calm water again. The rest of the group followed me, but were able to remain in their boats.

When I tried to get back in my kayak, it was almost like an inflatable raft that had lost pressure; all soft and pliable, and difficult for me to get back in. Once I got back in though, it was just like the kayak I actually have.

We went on downstream, past the campground and town, curved to the right, but came to a really narrow part of the river. We went single-file through this high-speed section, and all came out on the other side with no problem. Although, my one friend that was nervous about the whole trip was nowhere to be found. We paddled up and down stream looking for him, but finally decided to continue on with our journey. Eventually, we found him. He had somehow made a lot of distance ahead of us, but decided to slow down and join back up with us.

I woke up at this point, so I couldn't finish the dream. I love my kayak, though it has been damaged for the last few years and I haven't had the time or ability to repair it. Even if it was in proper condition, I would have nowhere to store it down here though. I would need to rent a storage locker, but I would have to rent a big one, which would be very expensive. I'm sure I could leave it with friends down here, but I don't want to do that because I'd have to bug them to get in and get the boat before I go use it. When I do get a place with proper storage (like a garage), I'll be getting that bad boy fixed and take it out again.

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