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I have failed to do anything with this other than adding songs to the playlist.

Seems appropriate that a spammer would comment on this. Comment deleted. :P

My last dose of Simponi was back in mid June. I have not refilled it because my doctor wants me to try Taltz, which is an IL-17 inhibitor, and she wanted me to be off the TNFi for 4 weeks before I start on it.

Up until early last week, I felt awful. I hurt, I felt worn down, and I kept feeling like I was on the verge of getting sick in some fashion. Now that I'm about a week past when I should have done the Simponi shot, I can tell the effects of it have left my system and I have been feeling a lot better. Sure, I still hurt from time to time, and I still have whatever neurologic nonsense is going on, but I have an energy that I haven't had in months.

I'm quite hopeful that Taltz will be the magic solution. I want to do more, I want to stop being so sedentary, and I feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Apparently I'm past the point of brain'ing where I can understand how to get those lyrics formatted properly. I don't care though.

Now I use a Macbook for work. RIP.

Almost a month later than the authoring of this post and I'm in a lot of pain. This is most certainly an AS flare, which is common with autoimmune disorders. In short, the treatment isn't able to control spikes in the body fighting itself, and it happens periodically during treatment, usually lasting a few days, then back to normal-ish.

I'm starting to think that TNF inhibitors aren't working for me though. The IL-17 inhibitor worked well for a period of time, but then it didn't. This might have some diagnostic value for my rheumatologist, and I need to remember it for my next appointment.

I admit that method looks like more fun.

How do the yardstickless generation expect to get stuff out that falls between the desk and the wall?

It only took 11 years for you to say such a thing. :P

I just saw this. Congrats!

Here. Here are the pictures. Click here for Tim's insides

This link is borken, hence, so is your promise.

In clickable form: link

I watched this again just the other day and was hit in the same fashion.

Well crud, the sub-lists didn't work. Oh well. You get the idea at least. I hope. Actually, I don't care what you think, I know what it all means.

It still does it.

It figures. 5 years later and guess who my internet provider is.

Also, it looks like I was wrong about the last post on the old platform. Apparently it was in 2011.

There is a problem. Let me clarify that for you: These bad-service companies have a problem. Their problem is that there is only one Tim G. I mean, if every company had at least one of you working for them their customer satisfaction would skyrocket! But that wouldn't be fair on competition really, would it? Or would it?

How's life been for you?


W0000000000007! F1br3 0p71c5!

You sure do whine a lot! Go with your local phone company. That's what you have to do when you live in the sticks like me

Life: Busy, but good. Shoulder: Getting better. I need to blog about it. Wife: Amazing! Work: Busy. Tim: Who's that?

So, how's life? How's the shoulder? How's the wife? How's work? How's Tim?

On the way back from the surgery center I had to follow a funeral precession all the way to 288/610 or 59/610 (I forget I was quite fuzzy too!).

You should link the vids!

congrats skudd!

Go Tim! Congrats mate!

:-) Congrats.