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Posted by tim in Cycling on May 29, 2007

As you may have noticed, my passion for cycling has been rekindled for some odd reason. The result: I'm feeling healthier, more energetic, sleeping better, and this site has been getting daily updates.

I've created the image you'll see below to kinda keep everyone abreast of my stats. Eventually, it will link to a site where I will log all my rides, and schedule additional rides. For now though, that's what you get. ;)

If anyone is in the Lafayette, Indiana area and wants to ride, let me know. There's been 3 of us riding pretty much regularly for the last week, but we're trying to rally more... Especially since we're down one for a while (Get better, Ben!). The bar below should give you an indication of what to expect, so if you can't handle these rides then you may not be the candidate. Sorry. :/

At any rate, I'm going to pass out now. Today's ride was a little intense for me.

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