Stupid computers...
Posted by tim in I hate technology. on May 24, 2007

As you are probably aware, I've been having issues with my project servers for the last couple weeks. It seems really odd that they're all doing the same thing on different hardware at different locations, and that they all started acting up at the same time.

So tonight, I checked on one of them and found that it had been up for almost 11 days. Cool. I decided that while my clothes were in the washer, I would reload the OS on the other. Just as I had finished the installation and rebooted, the stupid thing decided to freeze on me. I was frustrated, so I shut it down and went to the grocery store.

When I got back, I was sitting at my desktop (my primary computer), watching a movie. A little ways into the movie, I heard a "beep!" I looked around to see what it was, and it was the one project server powering itself back on! I raised an eyebrow at it, and shortly thereafter the other one locked up. Nice...

After a review of my power distribution, I found that all my computers were sharing the same surge protector, and decided that was the likely cause for this headache. I went ahead and moved the one server to another power strip and powered both back up. Cool, it worked for about 10 minutes, then the one with the fresh OS on it locked up.

I just now realized that the one that locked up is on the same surge protector that both were earlier, and that the other had not locked up yet.

At any rate, this is a very odd situation, especially where the third project server is on the other side of the state and is experiencing the same issues.

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