Mixed Updates
Posted by tim in It wouldn't fit in any other category... on May 12, 2007
  • Being sick really sucks. I've had allergies bugging me all week, it got really bad Wednesday night, and I'm still coughing like I've got Tuberculosis. Lucky me, the coughing has thrown my back out of place, so the whole digestive-tract-issues I've had the joy of experiencing have been rather active lately.
  • My air conditioner needs to be fixed before this summer goes any further. I have 4 computers running in this apartment, and the air conditioner doesn't work right. It's loud and I think it's low on refrigerant, because the compressor cycles way too much. Looks like another note with my rent is in order.
  • "Prison Break" season #1 kicked butt. I need to get my hands on season #2.
  • "Heroes" is an amazing show. I take back any sour remark I've ever made about it. I'm not much of a comic book fan, but this series... Wow...
  • I finally did my dishes today, and I need to get laundry done tomorrow. Or is it "yesterday" and "today" respectively?
  • I need to call Mom tomorrow and spread "Mother's Day" greetings. Let's hope my coughing can lay low. I've not spoken more than a hand full of words today, and even those were broken by lots of noise, as if my lung was going to fly out of my mouth.
  • I use lists too much.
  • Work is going pretty well.
  • I need to start riding my bike, even though I've got all these "health issues". I'm starting to put on weight, and I need to keep it under control. Maybe by the end of the summer, I'll be able to do a random 120 mile ride like one of the guys from work did. Yes, he just said "I'm going to ride to Danville tonight," and hopped on his (roommate's) bike. Crazy unicycle-riding dude, I tell ya...
  • It's bedtime.

So yeah, I'm not dead. Just kinda feeling near it this week.


Go to a doctor yet?

  • Posted by Luey Fufu (Guest) on May 15, 2007 at 10:21:14AM
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