Spam Project Update
Posted by tim in SkuddBlog on April 20, 2007

The spam project has a new look and new database, finally. I've forked it off as a project of its own, and I'm working on getting things in place to make it look good and work well.

As you can see, the numbers have changed a lot with this new graph. Why? Because it's accurate now. There are 937 recorded IP addresses right now that have been confirmed as spammers by means of various methods.

I've added the ability to track the last "payload" that the spammer has submitted, in the form of a serialized PHP array. So far it has been working well. Also worked into it, any return visits will automatically mark an IP address as "black". I'm working on ideas to identify similarity between payloads to help narrow down what is and isn't spam. I'll probably end up using the MySQL SOUNDEX() functions for this, and run it in batches manually. Soon there will be interfaces for you to use in your own projects! Yay!

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