Spam Project
Posted by tim in SkuddBlog on February 22, 2007

The Spam Project got hit rather hard today. I had 50 messages make it to my inbox that were incorrectly marked as clean, which I had to manually enter in the database. Since it's such an ugly structure, spanned across 3 different tables, I messed the stats up pretty bad, which made the graph appear incorrect. I think it's correct now, but I make no guarantees. There are actually only about 150 bans, supposedly, because of duplicate entries.

I really need to restructure the database and the logger for this project, because it's highly incorrect. I can tell you though that I've set up an XML feed of the banned IP's. You can access this feed here, and you're free to integrate it into your projects for now. My only real request is that you at least keep a cached copy of it, and update it every 12 hours at the most. If I find this is getting abused, I'll have to set up some sort of authentication scheme for it.

For now though, SPAMMERS MUST DIE!

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