It's not my fault!
Posted by tim in Work Sucks on January 3, 2007

Okay, so now I'm getting the whole guilt trip thing from everyone at the shop now. Things are starting to fall apart rather drastically, and everyone is trying to pin the blame on me.

Tomorrow night, after work, there's going to be some sort of shindig at the shop. They're going to close the other quick lube early so that everyone can get down to this one, but aside from that I have no idea what's going on. Boss Lady told me that if I had plans for the night they were to be cancelled because this was more important. Bleh. That means that anything after 6:00PM on my schedule for Thursday has been postponed or cancelled. Lovely. I guess I'll just have to come back home for a meal with Mom and Dad sometime in a week or so.

All I can say is that if any problems occur at the shop, anywhere from disgruntled customers to employees leaving, I'm NOT responsible. I tried my hardest to instill a sense of respect in my crew, and it appears as though they just developed a bond to me instead.

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