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Posted by tim in I am BORED! on December 14, 2006

I worked at the Crown Point shop today, about an hour north of here. I guess the word "work" is used kinda loosely, because the work I did was 8 hours of sitting in front of my laptop, trying to finish up the payroll system and talking to a few people on the various instant messenger networks.

All in all, I did get a lot accomplished today. The outcome of the project was very much positive, even though it's not 100% done. It was received so well that the boss lady wants to deploy it for usage in all three shops, rather than just the two! Talk about cool! Once I get it all done, I'm going to go back and see about setting certain things up as variables, establishing some options, and packaging it up for redistribution. I'm still not too keen on releasing the product as a "free" product, like Linux and the sorts, so I may see about working through some colleagues to market the system.

I had a meeting two days ago, which I really can't go too far into detail about right now, but since I mentioned the project during the meeting, the other parties were pretty interested in it. That may be a chance for me to market it further.

On the way back, I gave one of the other guys and his lady a ride. We got on the topic of some weird stuff, like parallel universes, ghosts, and the like. It was interesting and made the drive got a lot quicker.

I'm going to bed soon, I think. I'm tired.

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