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Posted by tim in I am BORED! on December 10, 2006

In the last entry, I made implication of cellular telephones being the bane of my existence. Well, I would like to clarify.

Cell phones are great for quick calls and emergencies, but nothing more than that. Today, Sunday, I was on the road for a few hours. The entire time I was driving, I was on the phone with someone that called me. One of the people that called kept the call short, which was much appreciated, but the other two occupied most of my driving time with what was dubbed "important business".

I see too much of this at any given time. Not just for myself, but for everyone. How have these wretched things become such an essential piece of our lives? I find it highly disturbing to see how attached our culture has become to technology, to communication. Even kids (younger than 13 years old) can be seen with cellular phones. All age ranges are addicted to the MySpace phenomenon, and go into detox-like symptoms when they are without internet access for more than a couple hours.

When I was growing up, television and video games were the "drug" of the youth. Today, it's communication.

Now, don't take that the wrong way. I am all for communication in every relationship, and it's something that I feel is mandatory. But the communication these people are doing is stupid, things like, "What are you doing? What about now? What did you eat 5 minutes ago?", or just the sound of another person's breathing... How can this type of thing be beneficial to anyone? How can it enhance social skills?!

If you didn't already know, I was home-schooled from the third grade, up until I received my G.E.D. From there, I attended a community college, where I was pretty well known among instructors, fellow students, and the college staff. I was known for knowing my coursework, maintaining a high grade point average, and being outgoing towards everyone.

One of the biggest arguments in the anti-home-school debate is that home-schooled kids, the product of home schooling, are socially deficient. They claim that every home-schooler is a pale-skinned, pimple-faced, skinny nerd who can't carry his own weight but could solve a quadratic equation in under 5 seconds. I want to know why, and how.

Have you seen the recent generation to pass through the local school? Have you tried to talk to any of them? If you ask them, though, they'll be all over giving you their MySpace ID, or they'll give you their cell phone number so you can "txt" them. Yet they can't comprehend simple math, look someone in the eye while talking, or walk more than 4 feet in front of them due to their intolerance for sunlight and the long hair that is hanging in their face, impairing their vision.

To end this rant before I spend all night typing a thesis about the subject, I'll just say this:

Communication by means of internet, cell phone, or other non-standard medium is a drug that we (humanity as a whole) are very addicted to. For myself, I choose rehab.

Leave a voicemail and don't slit your wrists if I don't call back.


wOw, U LikE totaly undrstand Kidz lolz!

I wouldn't exactly consider these specific examples of "today's youth" to be representative of the public school going population, even though most of it is probably true for certain "cliques" in said schools. At my high school, and i've only been out for a year and a half, there certainly were these highly annoying types, but as far as I could tell they were in the minority (loud and obnoxious minority, granted).

I am still hopeful that the majority simply isn't, or it's just the "in" thing to do around friends of that age and they will disinfranchise themselves with the behavior post-high school.

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