Again, money sucks.
Posted by tim in Pissed on December 2, 2006

Yesterday was payday. I worked my typical 80 hours in the two weeks with about 8 hours of overtime. After taxes (over $200 worth of deductions!), I only got a little under $650.

The way it breaks down...

  • Rent: $150
  • Car payment: $270
  • Miscellaneous debt: $60
  • Miscellaneous bills (bank deposit): $100
  • Internet: $40
  • Total: $580

Not to mention my car needs gas, I need new shoes for work, and I need to eat.

How am I suppose to live like this? I'm expected to move out, but it'd be impossible. Yes, I've bought a couple "toys" from the last couple paychecks, but I've budgeted for them and been able to easily get by even after spending the money on them.

I think I need to put out my resume a few places, because I can't make it on this little bit of money, not with the cost of living like it is.

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