Intelligent Life, Revisited
Posted by tim in It wouldn't fit in any other category... on November 28, 2006

I happened to stumble across a possibly incriminating file containing photographs of pages of a (at the time) classified government booklet. The book was basically just a policy for encounters with extraterrestrials, but it's enough to set me a bit on edge.

The policies basically are (were?) to make sure that nobody said anything, and to use scare tactics if need be. If anyone did say anything, it was to be passed off as a hoax or natural event.

At any rate, this booklet was dated 1954, which was a fair bit of time in the past. I can say that it's not one of those "far-fetched" things, speaking from experience.

Up until tonight, I've just passed the things I've seen off as hallucinations, natural events (such as a meteor shower), or just something normal being seen in a different light. Now, I am fairly certain what I've seen is none of the above, and that I've had a glimpse of things not of this world.

Okay, so now I look like complete crackpot lunatic, and any respect anyone has had for me is now gone. That's nice. But I know what I saw, I know what I have read, and I know that it's not something that can be explained as simply "sewer gas". Hollywood may be partially responsible, but the government is even more so.

I am going to go no farther with this topic than this: I don't get scared easily, and I can usually ignore things, or deal with them. This is completely different. Right now, I am downright TERRIFIED, having this been revealed to me. Why? Dunno. I just have no comfort in knowing that these other lifeforms have come to our planet, and the governments of the world find it necessary to censor them right out of existence. Apparently there's a pretty good reason for them doing so, and if it's a matter of public safety, then even more reason for me to be freaked out like I am now.

I'm tellin' ya, I am FREAKED OUT!


have you been cleaning the pit again?

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