Talk about speechless...
Posted by tim in It wouldn't fit in any other category... on April 16, 2004

No pun intended.

Today in speech class, we had to give a special-occasion speech. This speech could have been a eulogy, a toast, a farewell speech, etc. I asked my one friend what he was giving his speech on, and he told me he was going to do it as a toast to Thomas Edison. When it came his turn to get up and speak, he started out by talking about friends, and how much they were worth to him. He then went on to describe a great friend of his own. He described the person's personality, then went on to describe their physical appearance. When he said "I make three of him, but my size doesn't intimidate him", I realized he was describing me. He then walked back to the back of the room, where I was sitting, and said "Mr. Garrison, it is a pleasure to consider you a friend of mine", and he shook my hand. He then went on to say something about me being his best friend...


I was going to go after him, but that really messed up my train of though. I had no idea that anyone had really looked to me in that way, but now that I know that Damian does, I am very flattered. I disagree with the Latin saying, "Flattery is the worst of all enemies", because when it is truthful flattery, it means the world.

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