Posted by tim in I hate technology. on November 7, 2006

My computer is on its deathbed. The motherboard is really starting to flake out as of late, and it's causing things, such as my brand new DVD drive, to not function properly (if at all).

I'm getting VERY frustrated with it, and to add to it, I can't afford a new computer right now. If this thing goes, then I'll be without a computer until sometime mid-spring, which is when I'll get my tax refund. I do have my laptop to use, but for the bulk of what I do on this computer, a laptop will get me nowhere.

Update #1: I was just trying to watch a movie, and about an hour into it, the stupid thing just quit like it hit the end of the disk. I restarted it from where it left off, and it worked fine for about another 8 minutes, then it locked up. I've since restarted it from the beginning, and the farthest it gets is the MPAA rating screen. It just locks up 5 seconds into it.

If anyone is thinking that it's a corrupt XP install, a bad DVD drive, or anything else software related, I can assure you that it is not. The drive is brand new as of about a month ago, and has hardly been used. The current install of Windows is about 5 days old. The software I'm using to play the movie is the same software I used before the OS reinstall, and it worked fine then, so why not now?

As I previously stated, the drives have been disappearing from the "My Computer" list, as well as the device manager. I also had some blue screen errors during the XP install that caused me to have to start over.

If this stupid thing makes it to the end of the week, I'll be highly surprised. Otherwise, I guess I need to clean off the stand for my laptop and get ready to start using it.

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