Posted by tim in Politics on November 2, 2006

I now have a stereotypical blog category: Politics.

I've never really been one to pay much attention to anything in the news, but here in the last couple of years, certain things have piqued my interest. As such, I've created this category.

My first entry is going to be about Iran.

I don't know if anyone has been paying much attention to them, or to the news articles about Iran, but they have begun "war games". These tests have been dubbed "The Great Prophet 2", and have been intended to flex the Iranian muscle for the western world.

Think of it in terms of "rice rockets". You're rolling down the highway in your family car, and a riced-out Civic with an Erector-Set-Wing on the trunk lid zooms past. As the acne-ridden teenager whips around you, he drops the car into neutral and revs the engine. He then drops the car back down into gear, hits the NOS button, and is gone in a flash. A little while later, he's seen driving 10mph in the 55mph zone, forcing you to slow down to his speed, then again leaves your car in the dust.

Normally, such a maneuver would be considered a challenge: "Show me what your Chrysler's got," is essentially what's being said.

Iran is driving the Civic. Do you suppose they're aware that the US is driving a 8.2L Tahoe?

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