Outsource This!
Posted by tim in Pissed on April 14, 2004

In the recent months, many companies have been outsourcing their work to third-world countries. Their reasons are all "because they work cheaper". Given the fact that I was born in the United States, the work was here when I started getting my education, and I got my education here, I fully expect those jobs to still be here after I get my education.

I have no problem with other countries trying to improve their economy, but think about it. The United States' economy has been in very poor condition since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. Hell, even before that, I witnessed several factories in my home town close their doors and move to Mexico... Why? Heh.. It's cheaper.

What I don't get about that, is that the number of migrant workers in the state of Indiana has grown exponentially. I would have no problem with them if they were here LEGALLY, but for the most part they are not. It doesn't make sense though; the work from this area has moved to Mexico, but the Mexicans are all moving here? WTF?!

Back off that rant and on to the outsourcing problem. I don't know what the corporate executives have in mind, but they're killing their own economy by taking the work away from the Americans and giving it to India, Russia, Mexico, and so on. Imagine what will happen next...

News Headline: July 7, 2010 In a recent move by the United States government, all farming production in the United States has ceased. Due to a new bill signed by Congress, all farming activity will now be handled by INSERT THIRD-WORLD COUNTRY NAME HERE.

Bye bye, United States economy. Your leaders don't love you anymore. Oh, and to all you people heading for the job market, you had better start packing your bags and get ready to move to Russia. All your work has gone there.

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