Why didn't I want to go to work?
Posted by tim in I Feel Sick on October 18, 2006

Apparently I knew ahead of time that I'd hurt myself and be in pain for a long while.

On about the third car today, after I got to the shop, I was washing the windshield. It's a normal thing that gets done on every car that passes through the shop. Considering we average about 28 cars per day, it's nothing that I'm not used to. On this car, however, I happened to reach the wrong way (or something like that), and everything just went haywire.

The odd thing in this picture is the fact that I picked up a 100lb. tree stump Sunday night at the staff cookout, and that didn't bother me in the least. Placing my foot in just the wrong spot, however, caused me to be in a lot of pain.

I'm hurting bad enough that my eyes have been watering nearly all afternoon. One of the guys at the shop looked at me this afternoon and said, "Looking at your eyes, I can tell you're really hurting..."

I hope I can sleep tonight and function properly tomorrow.

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