Who is important?
Posted by tim in Pissed on October 17, 2006

root@boardbox:~# whois important No whois server is known for this kind of object.

Too bad life doesn't work that way. Everyone seems to think they're more important than someone else, or that their issue is far more pressing than anything pre-existing.

Today, I had plans. I was to get up at 9:15AM, get a shower, leave by 10:15, stop by the shop for a quick minute, leave town by 10:30, make it to Lafayette by 11:30, meet my business partner, BJ, by 11:45, head to Indy, register our business with the state government, get back to Lafayette by 2:30, head back towards home, stop by the shop again for a quick minute, then come home and get some things caught up on.

Points of Failure

  1. Mom woke me up at 8:30AM to tell me I was going to be late.
  2. The visit to the shop took nearly an hour.
  3. BJ had other obligations today and we were unable to go to Indy.
  4. When I got home, I got about 10 other things dumped on me, dubbed "higher importance than what you're currently doing".

Now, I'm unable to get caught up on my things because of the problems that occurred today, and because some of the things were time-sensitive.

I need another vacation, desperately, so I can get my life straight.

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