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Posted by tim in SkuddBlog on October 10, 2006

Yeah yeah, it's not such an exciting thing... However, I can make good use of this for offsite feeds.

Okay, now that it's working as intended, I'll explain the purpose:

The offsite channels I've created are a wonderful thing. I am able to integrate news feeds into other sites, such as's base, and make it appear as though the content is originating directly from those sites. I could even go so far as to feed forums with content, or submit articles from a blog post, or cook toast, all with this feature. A limitation exists though.

When you browse articles on a website, you'll probably notice that a majority of those sites use a snippet of text to describe the article, giving you a general overview of what to expect when reading it. Until now, this wasn't really cleanly possible with the blog. I could have used the "blog text" field to concatenate (join) a descriptor with the text itself. That would have been really messy, though, and produced more overhead than necessary. This way, the optional "subtitle" field allows me (or any other author, for that matter) to give a brief overview, and leave it at that.

So now I may be able to get that articles section back on track for Yay!

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