Remember that entry last week?
Posted by tim in It wouldn't fit in any other category... on October 9, 2006

Yeah, that one, about World War 3... Well guess what: It's getting even closer to happening.

Last night, North Korea proclaimed to the world that it had achieved a successful nuclear detonation, something that world governments, including the US, had warned it not to do. The response that this drew was that it was "not to be tolerated" and "a brazen act".

So what's to happen? Bush has announced that North Korea will be held responsible for any trade of nuclear weapons technology with anyone, whether they are an ally of North Korea or not, and that it would basically be the only excuse needed to start a war.

Now consider the problem here: Our troops are over in the mid-east, in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the like, fighting a war over oil. Oil, or the lack thereof, will not pose an immediate threat of well-being to anyone in the world. The presence of oil, or even the lack of oil, is not a health concern to anyone.

If a war were to break out in North Korea, over something far more dangerous, what is going to happen? The deployed troops can't just drop what they're doing and run off to fight another war. Some of our reserves have been deployed to Iraq already, so the remaining numbers are pretty low. If you talk with anyone who has been in Iraq, they'll tell you that the numbers there are too low as it is, and that no loss of manpower can be afforded for another battle in another part of the globe. The solution? First off, I imagine there would be a surge of new enrollment in the armed forces. Second, since the numbers would yet be too low, the purpose of the Selective Service program will be put into effect: A draft.

Are you not familiar with Selective Service? Here's a quick background:

All males between the ages of 18 and 25 are to be registered with the Selective Service System (SSS). The purpose is so that in the event that additional military power would be needed, the government would be able to draw upon the service of young males.

So the short of it is, if you're a male between the ages of 18 and 25, you're legally supposed to be registered to be drafted by the SSS.

Personally, I feel that such a move would be imminent should North Korea become a greater threat. Oil is one thing, but nuclear war is another.


nope, the difference is that north korea is a military opponent, we arent dealing with insurgents.

air strikes and naval assault would have effect on this country much more than it would on iraq, not to mention that even china is pissed at north korea, as well as the rest of the UN.

  • Posted by macguy (Guest) on October 10, 2006 at 01:23:41AM
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