Had a bad day again...
Posted by tim in Work Sucks on October 6, 2006

Some have suggested that it's because there's a full moon right now. Others have suggested that it's because of the change in weather. I suggest that it's because PEOPLE ARE EFFING STUPID!

Everything came to a head at the shop today and I got angrier than I have been in the last 5 years. I seriously thought I was going to have a stroke or something, as upset as I was. The guys at the shop were upset about things, the customers were all upset because out of their $34,000 per year income, they can't spend $30 on an oil change once every 3 months, and I just couldn't take it all.

I got to a point where I just didn't give a crap, so I made an excuse to leave the shop before I said something or did something that I'd really regret. I put the previous day's deposit together from the Wheatfield shop, and I walked to the drive-up at the bank. I had to get away from the crap, and that was the best way to do it, short of just clocking out and leaving.

I wasn't going to expose Mom to anything from what happened, but she asked for me to call Grandma and see how she was doing today. I told Mom that nobody wanted to talk to me at that moment, and she asked why. Naturally, I had to give her a general overview, so I said what was on my mind: "I'm about ready to walk out the door of that fu**ing place." Her eyes got really big, and she made the "Shhh..." motion with her finger. I don't use the "F-bomb" very often, but I've never used it in front of my parents. Yes, it's just a word, but thanks to culture it has a vile reputation.

On top of that stress, we had a really busy afternoon. I'm so worn out from all of it, and my scalp is tingling, probably from all of the blood that rushed to my head and is now on its way back to where it belongs.

I've put together a playlist for Winamp that should bring me back the other way, away from being angry. It's a list of really depressing songs, if not by lyric, by tune. So far it's not really working, though.

I'm just so ready for the weekend. I need to get away, and I'll probably just jump in the car and drive somewhere and back.

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