Posted by tim in The internet sucks! on September 29, 2006

I think I'm going to consult my lawyer to see if it's plausible for a lawsuit against the idiots filing lawsuits against video game publishers.

The people that are filing these lawsuits are doing so because they were too concerned with keeping their spotless SUV on the highway, getting to Starbucks before they close, and making sure their cellular telephone is functioning properly, to be aware that their child, a minor, might be puchasing a violent video game without their (the parent) consent. As a result, their child learned these new things from the violent video games, and because the parent didn't teach the kid otherwise, or even pay attention to what they were buying and playing to know that such an instruction would be necessary, and put those new things into practice.

The irresponsible parents did this back in the late 90's with the short-lived show on MTV, "Bevis and Butthead". Some kid was watching the show, his parents were unaware of what the kid was watching, and he set his house on fire. When police and fire officials asked the kid why he did it, he said that it was something he saw on "Bevis and Butthead", so he thought he'd try it. Mommy and Daddy were outraged that such a violent thing would be on TV in their house, so they cried and complained about it to the producers, and the show basically dwindled to nothing shortly thereafter.

Because some 11 year old kid sees Tommy Vercetti running through the streets of Liberty City, stealing cars, shooting people, hooking up with prostitutes then killing them and stealing all their money, and because the kid's mom never pays attention to what's in that little plastic box from Wal-Mart, the kid goes out on the street with the .38-caliber handgun he finds buried in his dad's dresser drawer and kills whoever he sees walking down the street. Who's to blame here, Rockstar (the publisher) for creating such a violent game, or Mommy and Daddy for allowing their son to play the game, and for leaving a loaded firearm in an insecure location where the little kid can find it?

Video games are rated for a reason. If your kid hands you a video game that he wants, look at the rating. If you see anything about violence, take the time to research the game, or to sit down with the kid while he's playing and explain to him that the violence is only okay in the game, nowhere else. If you don't, and the kid turns into a murderer, don't you dare blame the video game for his outcome.

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