It takes a what, now?
Posted by tim in I hate technology. on September 27, 2006

I'm really burning this thing up...

Anyhow, I'm half asleep watching this TV show, "It Takes a Theif" on the Discovery Channel. Most, if not all, of the problems they're finding in these houses are common things. Their solutions are far too costly for the average homeowner to afford.

Example: A couple years ago, I got a hermetically sealed collection of the first few "state" quarters that were released the years prior. I have mine just sitting on a shelf in my closet, as did the guy on this show.

When the crooks broke in, they took those coins. Afterwards, the guy said they were worth a lot of money. The solution they offered the guy was a 400lbs., 2-hour fireproof safe. Safes aren't cheap, and while the collection may have been worth a lot, who's to say that the guy who collected them actually spent the money to buy them?

They went further into it, adding high-tech crap to the car and the house. The thing about it is the problems they were attempting to solve are very very common problems in nearly every house in the world. But think about it: Does every house in the world have the funds sufficient to solve these problems in the same way? NO!

I just hate it when pop culture offers solutions like this to the everyday problems of the world, assuming that even rural America can afford it.

News flash: Not everyone lives in urban, middle-class California.

Maybe a vacation isn't really a good idea. I tend to get worked up over stupid crap like this when I'm not working.

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