Wildebeest Downtime - Finished (For the most part)
Posted by tim in It wouldn't fit in any other category... on September 25, 2006

It took almost the entire day, but it's all pretty much done.

What's left?

  • All account holders need to get in touch with me, if they've not yet done so, so that I can create a temporary password on their accounts.
  • Additional hosts need to be created in the DNS zone, but that is very low priority.
  • DNS reverse-lookup zone needs to be created (maybe).
  • NFS exports need to be created for additional hosts on the LAN.
  • Further tweaking and securing needs to take place.

If anyone has any issues with their accounts or sites, I need to know. My contact info will be displayed in the MOTD after you log in via SSH.

I appreciate everyone's understanding as I've done this, and I thank everyone who helped out for, well, helping out. This has been the smoothest migration the 'beest has experienced, EVER!

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