Hanging by a thread
Posted by tim in It wouldn't fit in any other category... on September 20, 2006

I love not knowing things until the last minute.

Today was day 3 of a busy week at the shop. Monday was a 32 car day, yesterday was 31 (I think), and today was 29. The odd thing about it is people are buying things they normally would not, and our new customer count is very low.

This computer is still giving me headaches. I had to physically remove the NIC from it to see what brand and model I was working with. Then, when I went to download the drivers, some 41MB file started downloading. Also, I've noticed that the video card is most likely on the way to the grave, which means more money is going to have to be dumped into this pile of crap.

I'm supposed to deploy the thing tomorrow, I think. I just have no freakin' clue if it's finalized, what time I'm supposed to be there, and what other tasks I'm supposed to accomplish in the process.

Well, my drivers just finished downloading. Now I get to figure out how to transfer the 40MB file across to that computer, without the use of the LAN or optical media. Did I mention the DVD-ROM/CD-ROM drive died post-install? Yeah. It's getting pretty entertaining.

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