More about that troublesome printer
Posted by tim in I hate technology. on September 19, 2006

I had to go back to the Garage today to work on that printer. I guess the lockups they ran into with it were stemming from an error message about an ICM profile mismatch and an error about a inability to create a temp file. Now that I'm away from there, I think the temp file issue has to do with network security settings, but I can't be certain.

At any rate, I did a little research and found that it was most likely a driver issue, but could also be an issue with the print spooler on the "server" machine. The recommendations that were given on the forum I read suggested trying a Windows Vista driver for a compatible printer, or simply disabling print spooling. Since I was unable to find a Vista driver for the printer, I opted to disable print spooling.

Unfortunately, the Windows 98 driver for that printer, as well as Windows 98 itself, doesn't much care for the spooling being disabled. As such, I've been comissioned to get a computer in working order to replace that computer, with something better than Windows 98.

Right now, I'm in the midst of trying to figure out what to do about the issues overall. Personally, I think the best bet would be to replace the computer on the shop floor with a new computer, move this computer I have in my possession right now to the role of a print server, migrate the printers to the print server, and reconfigure the network clients to point to the print server for printing purposes. But to do that, I have to get the Boss Lady and Boss Dude to agree with it, spend the money, and pay me overtime pay to go up on a Sunday to redo everything.

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