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Posted by tim in It wouldn't fit in any other category... on September 15, 2006

I got up there today, spent about an hour on the phone with the software vendor, then spent another hour trying to figure out WTF to do about the situation. By then, the bosses had made the decision to go with a printer that I selected for them, but it was about 15 miles east of there.

I hopped in the car, company debit card in hand, and went to get the printer. I found out that the staff at Staples is very rude, got the printer purchased and loaded up, then got back to the shop. One of the new guys there helped me carry the printer to the front counter at the shop, I got it set up and got the other computers all working with it.

From there, I loaded up oil for the other two shops, delivered it, and started to get settled in at the Rensselaer shop, when Boss Dude called and said the printer stopped working. After about 20 minutes on the phone, trying to talk him through troubleshooting it with no success, I told him that I could be there in an hour. His response: "Seeya then."

Back up to the shop, 20 minutes spent diagnosing and fixing the problem. Probably another hour spent in discussion with the bosses and the lube techs there, then back home by way of Quizznos (with one of the guys that works down here).

Now, I'm home, I plan to stay here until at least Monday, and I'm really effing tired.

By the way, it's an hour drive one-way to the new shop.

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