That's not funny!
Posted by tim in Pissed on September 13, 2006

I typically trim my beard and such after I get out of the shower. Tonight, when I got out of the shower, I decided it was time to trim up the goatee.

I started with the mini-clippers, as I always do, and got the outline trimmed out. Then I got the actual beard clippers out and started cutting away. By the time I got the lower half trimmed up, I noticed that something was a bit out of the ordinary: Someone had set the beard clippers to the shortest possible setting (approximately 1/8").

First off, the fact that my bear clippers were used by another person is slightly disturbing. Second, the fact that they hadn't been cleaned is even more disturbing. And finally, the fact that someone set them that low without puting them back to a setting even remotely close to what they originally were at is very effin' annoying!

Now, I still have the goatee, but it looks really dumb now. In a week it'll be back to normal, yes, but until then I'm going to look like a friggin' dork.

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