But... (Rant-o-Matic ™)
Posted by tim in I Love Music on September 13, 2006

There's this thing I can't stand about modern music. Anyone who has listened to any sort of "modern rock" station, expecting upbeat, metal, with a bit of screaming involved, knows exactly what I'm talking about.

See, the music that's being played on those stations is borderline "emo" music. You know, that stuff that the "gothic" kids listen to, while sobbing about their boyfriend or girlfriend looking at another guy... The "modern rock" bands that I've heard consist of Evanesence (even though I like Amy Lee's voice), Staind (learn to spell!), and Sum41 (that's not rock; it's just plain annoying).

When I think of "rock", bands like Soundgarden, Metallica, Mudvayne, STP, and Alice in Chains come to mind. It's rather disheartening to hear a song like that Coldplay song that everyone was so hyped up about, when you're expecting to hear something along the lines of STP's "Dead and Bloated".

What caused me to start this entry? Seeing "Theory of a Deadman", a band that I kinda enjoy, being labeled as "Heavy Metal". I guess it just goes to prove that a genere means nothing anymore.

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