Personnel enemy number one.
Posted by tim in Work Sucks on September 11, 2006

You're hired to work a job. The responsibilites for this job are basically endless, but they are outlined for you on a daily basis. Seeing that certain tasks don't really need attention since they were recently handled already, you just mark that you have completed the tasks and walk away.

A couple weeks later, you're busted.

Knowing full and well what was and wasn't done, you have 2 choices:

  1. Admit your mistake and take the confrontation in stride. Learn from it and move on.
  2. Protest the confrontation and threaten to quit if the supposed internal abuse (of you) continues.

I know what my choice would be, but I want to make sure I'm not off base here.

See, this problem has arised at the shop, and the individual in question has picked option #2. This isn't the first time it has happened, and this individual was around to experience the last occurance. It's going to be a very interesting rest of the week, though.

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