Stop Staring!
Posted by tim in People Suck on August 27, 2006

I took a trip to the big city of Lafayette today, just to get out and relax. While I was there, I went to the mall and got my glasses adjusted and new nose pads put on. On my way back to the car, I was strolling through the mall behind a lady in a wheelchair.

This lady had a baby in her lap, and was taking care of it as she rolled along. There was nothing wrong with the picture, as the baby was happy and content, and the mother appeard to not be struggling.

Something was very disturbing about the scene though. As we walked along, there were people everywhere. They would strain their necks to stare and gawk at the woman as she made her way through the mall. What was so out of place that made them stare?! Last I checked, it's normal for a human female to be tending to a baby, and last I knew it was called mothering.

I realize that it may be impressive to some people, to see a person with such an obvious disadvantage to the "Game of Life", completing a task most would deem as normal. But for every person to stop what they're doing and follow the woman with their eyes as she strolled past?

Had I followed much longer, I would have probably said something to these people, but I was at the exit and the woman was rolling farther on.


yeah, if she wasnt breastfeeding, there's pretty no reason to stare.

yes, im aware that came out wrong, no im not taking it back.

  • Posted by macguy (Guest) on August 28, 2006 at 03:40:23PM

Don't worry. I understood what you meant.

  • Posted by tim (Guest) on August 28, 2006 at 03:42:35PM
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