Some things just weren't meant to be...
Posted by tim in Happy on August 24, 2006

Okay, so this guy that quit back in May, or whenever it was, filed for unemployment.

Here's the circumstances, though:

He was written up once for an issue. He was verbally warned another time for the same thing, and when there was another issue after that, he was given a verbal warning about it and a memo was written to be put in his employee file. The memo was in no way a warning, but it was a means of making sure the employee was aware of the situation and that we had documentation of it.

When this guy was presented with the memo and the verbal warning, he quit on the spot. I received a rather unsettling voicemail message right after he quit, sort of threatening me.

Since then, he's tried to be my friend, and doesn't understand that because of how he treated me at work, when I was just doing my job as a manager, that I don't really care to socialize with him.

Now, he's filed for unemployment, nearly 3 months later, against the company he quit from, even when he failed to follow procedure, was given numerous verbal warnings, and was written up for insubordination.

I really hope he takes the protest that the boss files to court, and I want to go to the trial, just to sit there and laugh in his face.

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