Call me, "Mr. LightScribe"
Posted by tim in Happy on August 12, 2006

Sometime last week, Monday I believe, my DVD burner decided it didn't like me anymore. When I put a movie in the drive with the intent of watching it, I heard sounds of plastic breaking apart and scratching the disk up.

That night, I ordered a brand new Samsung LightScribe DVD burner (-, +, DL, R, RW) for less than $40, and I got a pack of DVD+R LightScribe media with it. Well, sometime in the last 2 days the package arrived, and I just got it all set up today. I have to say, aside from the slow rate it burns the label image, it's a very nice drive.

My old Lite-On drive had a tendency to close itself when it shouldn't if you so much as thought about closing it. You could look at the stupid thing sideways and it would close. This new drive doesn't even think about it!

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