The DHS is stupid.
Posted by tim in Pissed on August 10, 2006

While I am greatly appreciative of my supposed securty as an American citizen, I have to acknowledge obvious fault with a certain government organization.

As most everyone is aware, there were some "terrorists" who attempted to smuggle bomb-making materials aboard a UK to US flight. Their attempt was to blow up the planes mid-air. I have to say, though, that even that story is very weak.

It goes on, though. Also issued today was a report from the DHS that there's some critical flaw in Windows that could allow a remote attacker to take control of your computer, execute programs, delete files, gain personal information, and kill your best friend's dog. They advised that this certain flaw be patched right away.

Now, step back and think from a logical perspective for a minute. Let's start with the airplane thing:

If those terrorists were to detonate their bombs mid-flight, what impact would it have on the USA as a whole? Sure, there would be a lot of lost lives and a few airplanes, but the impact on the country as a whole would would be minimal. Granted, they could have done the same thing as they did on September 11th of 2001 and turn the airplaned into ballistic missiles, but they don't need explosives to achieve that.

And what about that security patch? In light of the news this morning, what do you think the general public's reaction will be to a DHS posting of a security flaw in Windows? Sorry, but these flaws are discovered nearly every day, and if a government operation is ordering me to install a specific patch, I think I'll pass.

I could continue this rant for hours, but I think I've established the points rather clearly.

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