Great. Just great.
Posted by tim in Pissed on July 15, 2006

I got a letter in the mail today from a company called "Automated Payroll Service, LLC".

This letter is to inform you about a recent theft of our off-site system back-ups that might contain personal information about you. There was a break-in recently at our off-site storage facility in which our back-up devices were taken. The Police have been notifed and are investigating. It appears to have been a random break-in as other unrelated items were also taken. The data is not accessible without the necessary software and cabling which were not with the back-up devices, so it is unlikely that your personal information will be compromised.

Of course, they're going to say that my information "probably" isn't going to be stolen.

I just can't figure out who the heck this company is and what they were doing with my information in the first place.

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