Auntie Em!
Posted by tim in Crazy Weather on July 3, 2006

About 90% of the way through the movie I was watching (The Transporter), Mom and Dad came running in just as I was about to doze off. They said there was a big storm blowing in really fast and that I'd probably enjoy seeing it.

By the time I hobbled out to the garage door, a fairly good sized funnel cloud was forming off to the west and was headed this way. I came hobbling back in to get my camera, then headed back out to snap a couple shots of it. I wasn't as quick as I would have liked to be, because I missed a couple great shots, but I did get a few shots of it. I'll have to post them later.

As the rain started, I looked off to the south and counted about 4 more funnels forming, and two of them were about ready to touch down. All the telltale signs were there: outflow, inflow, rain free base, wall cloud, lightning, drastic temperature change. It was amazing. I think we probably got about half an inch of rain in a little 15 minute storm, and it was over. Right now there's just some thunder and lightning off to the east, and there's another storm heading in from the southwest.

I wish I wasn't doped up and temporarily debilitated, because I'd love to be running around, taking pictures of this stuff.

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