Greetings. I have no toenail.
Posted by tim in I Feel Sick on July 3, 2006

The doctor looked at it and said it was ingrown still, and that he wanted to go ahead and take the nail. I was skeptical until after he was done. The nurse showed me the entire nail, and the left side of it was actually curled in around itself, which is what kept it irritated.

I was given a perscription for (Warning: Search engine spam word ahead) Vicodin (Hydrocodene), and the doctor said to try not to take any more of it than I absolutely have to. He wrote it for 1-2 pills every 4-6 hours, and he wrote the perscription for 30 pills. He suggested that I not take it more than 1 per every 6 hours, and I told him that I'd try not to take it any more than I absolutely had to.

I went ahead and took 1 just about 15 minutes ago, and it's already starting to kick in. I pretty much feel like I did at 11:00PM this past Saturday night, ready to pass out, but too wound up to go to bed. I'm having a hard time typing this because of it.

So yeah... I have one less toenail and $126 less money than I did when I posted the last entry, and I'm feeling pretty doped up. As you know, I don't like being doped up or in any altered state of being, so bleh. I'm here and I don't want to be.

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