Again, the drums of war.
Posted by tim in It wouldn't fit in any other category... on July 1, 2006

I posted something along the order of this last year, but it's occuring again this year, and I still feel the same about it.

Every year since 1776, the United States has celebrated its freedom. Typically, this celebration consists of illuminating the sky with massive quantities of Asian-made explosives, otherwise known as fireworks.

The report made by these explosives can normally be heard for a long distance. Tonight, I hear it loud and clear.

The colorful display made by these fireworks may be visually pleasing, but the sound they make seems all too real to me. I hear the explosion off in a distance, knowing full and well that it is fireworks to celebrate the upcoming holiday, but the sound seems too eerie. I can't help but think of the countries struggling for their freedom, as we are, or what could be happening, had we not our defense system and armed forces.

I know, this looks like one of those "warm and fuzzy" moments. Rest assured, it's not. It's something I CONSTANTLY think about. It's just too easy for me to mention it this time of year. With what our country experienced a couple years ago, it's apparent that there are other countries and other people who don't necessarily agree with our freedom, and there are even others who find it easy to take advantage of for personal gain. The things they may do to thwart the efforts of those who strive to maintain our freedom could be more like what the other countries experience on a daily basis.

Okay, I've been blathering enough about this long enough and I'm getting repetitive and sidetracked. Just remember your freedom and those who worked for it. Be thankful for it and do what you can to thank those who earned it for you.


Conflict has largely defined our country.

Our National anthem, or example, was written during a battle with the British.

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