Posted by tim in I hate technology. on June 6, 2006

When I got this computer (when it was an eMachines-brand), it came with a copy of Microsoft Money 2002. Seeing as how I've got a monthly car payment of nearly $300, I figured I had better get a sort of a budget put together so I could see where my money was going.

After importing my bank register for the last 3 years and getting the transactions assigned properly, I got the budget put together.

It's funny, looking back, how I seem to never really have any extra money. But now that I've actually analyzed the income and expenses, and seeing the difference between the two, I see that I really had a lot more money left over than I thought! Granted, there are a few things that really aren't recorded, but pfft... I've got a margin of almost $200 left over each month, even with this $300 car payment!

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