Morning Randomness
Posted by tim in It wouldn't fit in any other category... on June 2, 2006

Well that was odd. I just found that my browser's cache was disabled for some reason. That would explain why surfing the web is so sluggish here lately. I still maintain that eBay is one of the slowest sites on the web, though.

The paperwork is starting to fly for the car loan. I just hope everything works out so I can get it yet this weekend. I NEED a reliable car and I need it soon.


Well, I wasn't able to get the car tonight, but I WAS able to get the loan set in place. I'm now going to be making some fairly good sized payments for the next 4 years. Why don't you go buy some hosting from me? :P

  • Posted by tim (Guest) on June 2, 2006 at 06:56:39PM
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