Pardon me for a second...
Posted by tim in It wouldn't fit in any other category... on May 18, 2006

As I am in a pretty grumpy and exhausted mood from this headache, I feel the need to be rather blunt for a minute:

Anyone who claims that "the laws written in the Bible do not apply today, and you're free to go about fornicating and such, because that book was written in a male-dominated world a really long time ago..." is a complete idiot.

If you associate the Bible with being right and being a guide for life, then you have no right at all to suggest that any portion of it (it == the law) does not apply today.

I'm not even going to start preaching beyond that right now. I don't claim to follow the book 100% without flaw, but I also don't claim that it doesn't apply today.

So yeah, believe what you wish, but don't be so f'ing hypocritical about it.

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