Freedom of religion?
Posted by tim in School Sucks on April 9, 2004

Ok, so here's the deal.

Today, in speech class, this chick walked in late, immideatly started talking to the chick she was sitting next to, at normal volume, and made it so the rest of the class couldn't hear the video we were supposed to be watching. Strike one.

Later in class, the instructor was talking about our pursuasive speech we have to do in a couple of weeks. The chick had the balls to ask, in the middle of class, if she could do her speech on one of the topics from the restricted topics list. The instructor asked her what it was, and the chick said it was about taking God out of the pledge of allegance. One of the other students asked her what her views were on it, and she said she thought it should be taken out, because God doesn't belong there. Strike two.

A little bit later, we were recapping the video we watched, and the instructor asked us what we thought of the first part of it. The chick was like "That lady needs to shut the fck up and go back to church."... WTF?! She had to add to it, "I hated that stupid fcking cross she was wearing. That shouldn't be allowed when you're giving a speech." Strike three, you're out.

My biff: 1) STFU!!! When you show up to class late all the time, at least have the courtesy to not make a scene out of it. 2) You think God should be taken out of the pledge? Ahem... Let's have a little history review here... What was the reason for the pilgrims to come here and start a new world? Oh yeah, its called RELIGION!!! I'm not a big fanatic on religion, but I do have my faith and beliefs. As the pilgrims did, I believe that there is a God, and that he needs to be included in portions of our life. 3) I am paying for the class, so I would like to hear what the instructor has to say. SHUT UP!!!


LOL TIM! That guy who made national news over "God" in the pledge of allegience and went to the supreme court lives two blocks from me.
Elk Grove, CA.

Tell that airhead to shut her mouth.

  • Posted by Matt (Guest) on April 9, 2004 at 09:39:21AM
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