Are we there yet?
Posted by tim in SkuddCMS on February 18, 2004

I really wish v2 was done now... I know so many people who need a good CMS, but none really exist. LDU and Edge are probably the best, in that order, but they just aren't flexible enough. Right now, the biggest roadblock is me not being able to get the authentication system completed, and I don't know when I'll be able to get it done. I'm really hoping this weekend, because I would like to move to the forums next, and it will allow Josh to get the news script done. Ted did a couple banners for us, but I'm gonna have to get picky with them. I like the way the rocket he drew turned out in the below images after I tweaked it a little. It was purely by accident too.

I just spent the last hour or so helping Dustin with the new Noize site... I dunno if he wants the public to see it, otherwise I would post a link. He really needs SkuddCMS2.

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