Not again!
Posted by tim in I Feel Sick on May 7, 2006

Well, my back is on center stage again. Last night, for some odd reason, I slept flat on my back for most of the night. I usually either sleep flat on my front or on my left side. So anyhow, I woke up and my back was a bit stiff. Big deal, I went about the day.

Part of my "things to do" list today was to bathe the dog, the big dog, Cleatus. Cleatus isn't too big on the whole "getting bathed" idea, so it usually takes a fair bit of effort getting him into the bathtub. He did fine this time, getting his front half in the tub, but I had to pick him up to get his back half in. Having a sore back already, and picking up an 80 pound dog, I kinda made the afternoon bad for myself.

Now, almost 9:00PM, I'm still really sore, and to move is very painful. Breathing is just about as bad as moving. And to add to it all, my digestive system is messed up, just as it always is when my back is bothering me.

Work should be interesting tomorrow.

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