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Posted by tim in The internet sucks! on April 28, 2006

So you thought your internet connection was fast, huh? You thought that websites would load quickly, huh? You thought that the days of dial-up were gone, huh?

Well, not anymore. Thanks to the failure of a "Net Neutrality" bill, website owners can "pad the pockets" of content providers, to allow their site to be given optimum bandwidth, while their competitor can be throttled.

What does that mean? Well, eventually, when you come to visit my blog here, you may have to wait...and wait....and wait....and for it to load, just like on dial-up, when in turn, Google's Blogger service may load instantly, if they so choose to take part in this unfair act. I know, that's probably not the best example, but it gets the point across.

I hate politicians and I hate greedy businesses.

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