Stupid quest!
Posted by Jennz0rz in Pissed on April 3, 2006

Ok, so I was doing this quest in WoW that was supposedly green. Well, it turns out, it should be orange.

So, I am sitting in this mine trying to protect this guy, right? So, of course, as part of this quest, random guys begin to appear in the mine shaft and try to kill the guy I am trying to protect. I was the first one they saw, so they started to pound on me, then they all died due to my mighty force. Along came the next group of guys....there were 2 mages and 2 fighters, plus one that respawned. So, I was trying to kill them all by myself as my health drained. I tried to heal myself when my health bar got halfway down, and with each hit I got from those stupid rats, my spell was put on hold for one to two seconds. As I was sitting there yelling at my character to heal, another rat respawned and I was toast.

So, I died.

Yeah, so I went back to my body so I didnt have to deal with the sickness. Even though, I failed the quest completly, those guys were still there in the mine shaft waiting for me. The guy I was supposed to proctect, was dead on the ground. Sparkling rat bodies lay all over the floor from the ones I killed previously, but didnt have the time to loot. Ok, so not only were the guys that I needed to kill before there, but there were two more rats waiting to taste the blood of a taruen. I revived, like the idiot I am, healed up, and buffed, then tried to take them all at once. Knowing full well, I should have prolly just went invisible and walked right past them, I went for the gusto and died in 4 hits. These guys were all level 20-22 and I am 26. It was stupid. Not one of them was elete either.

Stupid quest. Stupid quest indeed.


haha...I did a similar quest last night. I think it's called Tome of Valor or something. It's a paladin quest. I was supposed to help protect this lady from waves of defias, and stupid me...I thought I could do it by myself. Definitely not. I gave up after the fourth try.

  • Posted by Fuey Lulu (Guest) on April 5, 2006 at 09:32:11AM
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