No, I don't want to have time for myself...
Posted by tim in Pissed on March 22, 2006

I don't know why I even bother anymore, specifically with racing games.

I've always been a fan of motorsports, but I have never really been able to immerse myself in it as much as I would like. Usually, it is because of money, but often it is also because everyone else in the world thinks I should be doing something else. I figured that a good way to solve this would be through the use of simulated racing, via video games.

I've tried many games, and never really had the chance to find one that was a truely realistic game. That was until my brother-in-law introduced me to GTR. GTR is very realistic in nearly every aspect, so it requires high quality controls and 100% focus. Until this past weekend, my controls for the game were sub-par, and really didn't allow me to achieve more than a casual stroll around the course at a Sunday-driving pace. The same brother-in-law who introduced me to the game passed his Microsoft Force Feedback wheel to me, since he has replaced it with the new Logitech wheel.

Monday, when I got home from their house, I plugged it in and set it up. Begin interruptions. I got phone calls, parents talking to me, etc., so I wasn't really able to do anything with the game.

Tuesday, after I got home from work, I tried again. Same deal.

Tonight I tried again, and wouldn't you know it, the same dang thing happened!

It may seem kinda irrational for me to give up based on 3 days of interference, but it goes far beyond that. I have pretty much never been able to play any racing game without being interrupted. I can recall all of 3 times that I was able to play these games without anyone calling or walking into my room to talk to me.

Now that I think about it, this goes the same for any sort of video game. It's just more noticable with racing games because they require 100% focus, whereas other games like shooters or RPGs only require as much focus as you're willing to devote to them.

...and people wonder why my gaming equipment has dust on it...


Wouldn't that go for pretty much trying to do ANYTHING other than wait on people hand and foot? :P

  • Posted by Fuey Lulu (Guest) on March 24, 2006 at 01:11:11AM
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