I'll show you creative!
Posted by tim in Pissed on February 19, 2006

So I've been playing with Blender for the last few years, in hopes of becoming good at 3d modeling. Well, going on year #3 (I think), I'm still pretty much right where I started, and I have no real signs that I will get any better at it.

When I look at the work that other people do and call "incomplete", such as this one, I get very depressed. I spent about an hour, just trying to model the basic shape the hood of a car. I got nowhere NEAR what I was aiming for, and it looked like crap. I looked back at the image I linked above, and I nearly cried.

So, here's my promise: I will show you my creativity, but it won't be anything like this. I will show you what I can actually make with my hands, and I will impress you with it.

(Note: This final product isn't going to happen for at least a year, so just be patient and stay tuned.)

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