Posted by tim in I Feel Sick on January 6, 2006

Well, I was right... I didn't sleep much last night.

In addition to the previous mentioned topics, I messed my back up at work yesterday, doing something completely normal and routine. All I did was lean over a fender and reach for an oil filter. I've done it hundreds of times before, and it's never been an issue. Last night it was though.

When I got home, my back hurt. I knew I would be in a bit of pain from it. I went to bed and every way I would lie, I would be in pain. If I would breathe, it would hurt. If I did nothing, it would hurt.

By the time I fell out of bed at 7:15 this morning, I was in terrible shape. I slept the night flat on my back, which is something I NEVER do. When I got up to get ready for work, I was only able to stand about 5 feet high, if that. I looked like Quasimodo or something, and I moved a lot slower than the 80-year-old man who's car I was working on when I did this.

I got to work a lot later than usual, but still on time. When I got out of the truck, "Big Dude" thought I was playing around, until I snapped at him for a comment he made. It took me almost 5 minutes to make the 30 yard trek from my truck to the shop, and everything I did was uncomfortable.

I called "Boss Dude" right away and let him know what happened and that I was in a lot of pain and moving really slow. He said that he would try to get to the shop as close to 11:00 as he could, so that I could head south to see my chiropractor.

Well, now it's 3:30PM and I've been to the doctor and back to the shop. Everyone agreed that I needed time off and that I needed to heal up, so I'm not working again until Monday at noon. I also tabulated the cost of this doctor visit, which resulted in about a $70 total ($38 for the visit, $10 for gas, and $20 for lunch). I hope that I don't have to go for another office visit, because #1 - it's expensive, and #2 - it takes me away from the things I have to do.

I'm still in pain, by the way, but not near as much as I was.


Oh yeah, I was off work for about 3 hours, so that's an additional $25.50 that this trip to the doctor cost me.

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