Posted by tim in I Love Music on November 24, 2005

Okay, so there's this band that most people have never in their life heard of: Big Wreck. The band no longer exists, as such, but the lead vocalist, Ian Thornley, is still working on recording music.

Anyhow, the song "Ladylike" is simply amazing. They lyrics aren't necessarily what's striking about the song, but the music is just... Wow.

The song starts out with a really "tinny" banjo loop playing in both the right and the left channels, but the right channel is delayed by about 1 beat. Next, the bass line comes in, followed by a weird percussive guitar, followed by the drums, which are then followed by the lead guitar.

Shortly after the bass line starts, the vocals start. And after the first pre-chorus, a second voice jumps in.

This all continues right up to the end of the song.

All I can say is find this song and listen to it. The music is amazing, in my opinion.

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